The room of the Angels :

The Room of the Angels”, (207) where thanks to some  little brushstrokes that goes from the blue to the green, to the ochre, to the gold to the silver there is  a barrel vault. The small bright tiles form a delicate and jewel mosaic around the three gold and silver Angels  that are on the walls.

The Room of the GOLD :

 La magnifica “room of the gold” (304) characterized by abstract sketches in gold on the cooked red of the roofs and from an artistic policromatico round glass that serves as contrast to the natural simplicity of the wall in stone.

The Room of Svevi :

The room “Svevi” (404) is devoted to the birth of this imperator  and him  presentation as a future emperor (stupor mundi) to the crowd of Palermo that attended his arrival.

The room of the crowning :

The “room of the crowning”, (402) is devoted to the young Isabella II of Borbone, last Borbone queen of Spain and the Kingdom of the two Sicilies , by an imposing monochrome picture that represents the event of the crowning and place above the bedside of the bed. The room is still embellished by sketches to the walls and on the magnificent trusses in wood giving to the all one touch of aristocrat refinement.
In the corridor of the second floor, we find on the right the “room of the copper”, big and bright , its bedside is an ample panel  copper color decorated by two great spiral symbols of the Spiritualities that dominates the whole building.
The spiral in fact is everywhere, in the handrails, in the chandeliers, in the wall of the blue room, in the fall with ” the tree of the life” and even the logo of the hotel is represented by two contrasted spiral.

The Pompeiian Room :

The ” Pompeiian Room ” (107) that, with the delicacy of its frescoes, alternating slim colors to strong shades, they remember vaguely the historical characteristics abodes in Pompeii.
A warm pink color creates a soft and  pleasant atmosphere.